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The OASIS Project is a research project within TETRAD Institute and is strongly linked with both partner organizations IRI (Intelligence Renaissance Industries) and its OASIS (Oasis Worlds) product, and Oasis Clinic for NBeurophysiological Wellness and its programs serving patients, providers, care-givers, families and mthe medical industry.

Dedicated to theoretical and applied research within Mathematics, Cybernetics, Computer Science and Engineering, with a primary focus upon intelligent control, optimization and prediction, and the development of technologies that implement the results of such research.

The name, OASIS, contains the expression of the Project’s mission: the study and practice of Open Autopoietic Social Intelligence Synthesis. The principal topics of research and application development comprise topics within Synthetic Intelligence, Human-Machine Interaction, and Psychosocioeconomic Dynamics (PSED). These provide the foundational models, algorithms and functions for developing, managing and controlling, in particular, the OASIS System for Open Autopoetic Social Intelligence Synthesis and the SELDON Network.

OASIS Project involves long-term collaborative research and development. There are several other TETRAD Institute programs and projects in which Oasis Project is closely linked. These include:

(Primary Programs and Projects)

  • 1. OASIS Clinic – neuroscience and neurology and psychology - see Oasis Clinic
  • 2. Seldon Project - PSED-based Prediction Engine providing forecasting of dispositions and trends on the basis of analytics incorporating behavioral data from massive populations.
  • 3. Librarium Program – a physical and digital library of informational resources focused upon the conservation, preservation, and integration of S.T.E.A.M. knowledge resources for long-term future generations, including provisions and methods for ensuring future continuity of learning, fabrication and production. OASIS focus is upon knowledge presentation and organization, human-machine interaction and overall data management.
  • 4. Mirnova Project - incorporating media education, intelligence and analysis, focusing upon the sustainment of accuracy, consistency, and veracity in news and literature, particularly in areas concerning STEAM topics and especially PSED.

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