How To Use OASIS

OASIS is very different from any of the early 2000's "social networks" which are now, by 2020, quite "passe" and "passing away" in due course. People Want Meaning and Purpose in Life, including what they do online.

We are focusing upon people being able to Meet, Trade and provide services for Protect and Adventure, available to member-clients. OASIS can be used for many purposes including for personal, business, and financial activities. This is done with the discretion and security that one finds in traditional, classical methods. All business transactions such as investments are done in the style and manner of a Private Bank - in the classical way as it has been done for centuries and longer.

Members find what is of intrerest, and members submit what they want to offer to others. We review, we assess, we provide advice, as part of our consultancy to our Members. At the same time, everyone can explore and interact through TERRA, the digital world of OASIS.

Visitors should review the different public-access pages here at this site and then make contact with our Team to discuss interests, needs, and provisions by which we may serve them.