Artifact, Property, Commodity, Futures, Options, and other Securities Trading Services through OASIS

OASIS is for People interacting with People to engage and negotiate and deal - to Meet, Trade, Protect and Adventure

First, understand that all of the OASIS website is deliberate, intentionally, necessarily sparse in content. The real information comes from interacting as members with one another, including with our Team to initiate and provide services.

Next, explore the different pages you see. Gradually, the Content Management System we employ for Meet, Trade, Protect and Adventure will have more and more information about what is offered, what is possible. In due course, as soon as we are ready, the TERRA digital world will be open for visitors and occupants.

In time, our physical meeting facilities - like Raven's Nest and Eagle's Eyrie - will be open for customers and clients. A club, a restaurant, a bar, and special rooms including for very secure, discrete, private meetings. These are very special places and they are currently in preparation.

Visitors should review the different public-access pages here at this site and then make contact with our Team to discuss interests, needs, and provisions by which we may serve them.