About OASIS - What it all Is!

A Brief Introduction

OASIS is a very unique and elite Social Community Environment. It is focused upon People and Meeting, Trading, Protecting and Adventuring. It employs physical-world and digital-world together, serving clients who are interested and in need of many services and opportunities such as are introduced and briefly described in this website.

OASIS is not like any of the so-called social media, chat, virtual reality, e-sport and gaming sites found on the internet. It has its web presence, here, and this serves the Real Business which is facilitating, negotiating, orchestrating business and personal meetings and deals of many types, variations and purposes.

OASIS is not for general-audiences and unrestricted public use. Information provided via the websites is limited to the basic data that is needed for people to access openly. All services are private, secure and restricted to Members. Persons with interest in what is seen here at OASIS should contact us and learn more about membership and use of what OASIS offers.

OASIS is produced by Intelligence Renaissance Industries, in a joint venture with Vulkan Element Reserve Ltd., both privately-held corporations.

Mar'Tan at the Helm crossing the Deep

Our Defining Philosophical Principles as Expressed in the 13th Century

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