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Background-image for the active World


Other std basics and things you want to share,

(Everything selectable from editing of Profile and Settings.)

Key Items, reminders, Favorites,
and other quick-link items ---

Like a newsfeed or "hot-items" or suggestions list, but tailored to the user's preferences and to the world in which he/she is operating, mostly, and then also for other OASIS worlds, in descending order of activity and perceived/inferred relevance.
Your active world space

Visuals and texts - both 2D and 3D
Most recent entries and additions at the top.

This is the user's choice for how things get arranged in terms of gtraphics and layout.

The GUI (under construction) allows one to be as simple or as complex as desired, and any media can be added, including to a pre-existing (already-entered-and-placed) object. Once something is added into this region, it is connected logically and temporally to the user's world-space, and with references automatically set to associated key concepts and also associated people, groups, also projects and work activities.

(Refer to OASIS architecture and design documents, mostly late-2018, early-2019).

This column goes on and on - it is "scroll-forever to the end" - like in Twitter and various other social media, etc.

Other active, usually-active, and relevant world-spaces and locations/actions of people with whom you are mainly interacting and likely to interact.

Quick visual dynamic links into other places in your active world or in some others, all depending upon who it is you are interacting with and what tasks you are engaged in right now and mostly so.

Here is where OASIS shows you and points you to not only those people and groups in your "COMEET" activity circles, but to projects of all sorts that you may clearly not yet know about (e.g., no previous activity links) but where you and they can benefit by associating and doing something together - at least according to the algorithms operating within OASIS and which you and they have chosen to activate and listen to.

This is one of the huge distinctive differences between OASIS and all other social networks and internet media.

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